The Perks of Facebook Ads


Facebook has quickly grown into an advertising juggernaut. Not only is it one of the most popular individual websites on the Internet, but it directly makes it possible to reach clients and potential customers by simply having a page for the business. Now, with the help of Facebook ads, it is possible to take a Facebook profile and expand its outreach. There are several different ways to go about doing this. Whether it is bringing potential customers back to the Facebook page or sending them to the company website, there are many perks associated with Facebook Ads that just are not found in Google and Bing.

Multiple Marketing Options

Facebook has traditional ads that are placed along the side of the page and on a user’s wall. Using targeted keywords and key demographics, the content is placed on the walls of users who are most likely to be interested in the product and services. Beyond this, though, the ads are image-based. With most Google and Bing ads, the advertisements are just word-based, but for a company that uses design features, it is important to be able to showcase the designs of the website and the products it sells, which is what helps make Facebook a quality advertising service. Now, Google and Bing do have shopping-based ads, but they use the images directly on the website products, which might not be the images the company wants to use to sell its products.

It is also possible to highlight and promote a post to a company’s Facebook wall. A company might upload a post it wants to share with its followers, such as one about a new product, a promotion or a service. This can be instantly changed into an ad by “promoting” it through Facebook. This way, users other than those following the company will see the promoted post. This way, it is easy to gain more attention.

Less Required Money

For Google Ads and, to a lesser extent, Bing, it is necessary to have a large marketing budget. Oftentimes, with Google, if the targeted keywords are popular, a user might spend several dollars per click. Now, if the company sells larger items such as tractors or furniture, a few dollars per click isn’t that much. However, for a clothing company where a single item might only bring in a net of $15 or so, this kind of cost is often far too expensive. Due to this, being able to market an item for a lower price point can be desirable, and with Facebook Ads, it is possible to do so for as low as $1 a day.

Different Target Options

Due to the information the Facebook social network has, it can alter the marketing of advertisements to a set demographic. This includes not only age range, gender, language and locations, but also interests, education, employment and general behaviors. This makes it possible to fine-tune advertising in ways the other services just can’t do.


How to create your Google AdWords account


Do you have an appealing website with decent content and traffic? These are the few important factors needed to create your AdWords account. Traffic and content are important because you want to engage your website visitors by offering them interesting content and interactive functions. You can integrate AdWords’ pay-per-click advertising strategy as an integral part of your marketing campaign. Your AdWords account will help you in identifying your potential clients and leads. When these potential customers search sites such as Google, depending on your keywords, your AdWords account can help to redirect these searches to the landing page of your website. Your job at this point is to convert such leads into actual buyers of your services.

AdWords Funding Needs

You can decide on the level of funding suitable for your PPC advertising strategy. Each company’s budget for its AdWords campaign depends on its needs and requirements. The average PPC budget ranges from as little as $300 to as much as $50,000 per month.

Keyword List

Keywords are words or phrases that will be used by your potential customers in website searches. In coming up with your keywords, you have to identify the core words or phrases related to your business that your customers may use in their searches. Your website is an important place to start looking for keywords that are closely related to the type of business you are running. You can also get your keywords through the Google AdWords keyword search function.

Go to the Google AdWords website at www.adwords.google.com to set up your AdWords account. If you already have a Google account, you will be offered an option to set up your AdWords account under your existing Google Gmail account. In some cases, it may be a better option to separate your AdWords account from your Gmail account, because otherwise, tons of emails may hit your personal Gmail account from AdWords.

Once you have created your AdWords account, Google will take you through four steps to complete your new Google AdWords account.

Step 1: Targeting your customers. Through this function, you will select your potential customers’ demographics, such as region, age, sex and so on.

Step 2: Creating your ad. You will be prompted to create your ad. Make sure your ad says exactly what you intend it to say and that it is within the word count limit set by Google.

Step 3: Set your pricing budget. This function enables you to chose your price in line with your available budget. You can always extend your ad or, if need be, discontinue it and create a new ad.

Step 4: Setting up your payment option. Google AdWords will prompt you to set up your billing and payment options. Two options are available. You can make payments after accruing clicks. You will pay once in 30 days when you reach your billing threshold. You can also elect for manual payments, in which you make a payment or deposit into your AdWords account, and all your charges are then deducted from your account balance.

Congratulations, you have set up your Google AdWords account and are ready to go!


What are the Advantages of Bing Ads Over Google AdWords


Google AdWords is by far the most popular form of online advertising found on the Internet. Google has more ad placements than any other service, which is why so many companies and advertisers go with Google. However, it is not necessarily the number of ads that makes a company desirable but the placement and the return on investment. These are both favorable for Bing Ads and help make it a worthwhile advertising option. As both Google and Bing ads are found in different locations online, it is possible to use both, but understanding the advantages of Bing Ads over Google AdWords may help a company decide to only go with Bing or to determine how much money it should use for each advertising option.

Cheaper CPC

With Google AdWords being the big boy in terms of online advertising, more companies choose to advertise with Google, which means there is more competition, and the cost per click goes up because of it. On the flip side, though, as Bing Ads has less competition, it brings down the CPC. This means, a company on a smaller marketing budget can stretch its budget further. In fact, Bing, on average, has a 33.5 percent cheaper CPC than Google.

More Control

A company that sells products either internationally or across the country may want different ads to appear in different time zones at different times of the day. With Google AdWords, this is not possible. Google offers more of a blanket approach, as the ad is going to appear at the same time across the country. Some companies need to differentiate where and when their ads appear, which is where Bing really shines. There are more granular control features on Bing. Now, Google requires the advertiser to set up a network, ad scheduling, language and language for the ad rotation settings at the campaign level. Bing, on the other hand, allows the alterations to be placed on the ad group level, so there are more finite control options.

Target Specific Devices

There are now dozens of different devices and operating systems out there. There are not just desktop computers and mobile devices but iOS, BlackBerry, Android and many others. Now, for some companies, advertising on all of these services is necessary, as the products they sell are universal (such as building equipment). However, for a company that sells Windows Phone-based applications, cases and other direct services, having the ads appear on iOS devices really is a waste, and should someone click on the ad, it is a significant waste of money, as well. With Google AdWords, it is possible to adjust bids for mobile devices, but tablets and smartphones are grouped together, and users are not able to opt out of marketing directly toward desktops. With Bing Ads, a user can target not only just smartphones, but a specific operating system, giving the user complete marketing control.


The Advantages of Google AdWords


There are several different advertising services available online for companies to spread the word about their products. Each has its own set of advantages, and as Google AdWords is the largest advertising service on the Internet, there are specific benefits to using Google AdWords over the competition. This is not to say a company should only use Google and not any of the others, as utilizing multiple marketing platforms can often prove beneficial, but AdWords has some choice ways to offer a desirable return on investment.

More Viewers

The fact of the matter is that Google AdWords makes up more online advertising than all other online services combined. This may change eventually, with Facebook ads becoming more popular and Bing holding its own, but Google is not likely to drop from the top spot anytime soon. With more companies using Google to advertise, this opens up the potential to reach more clients and customers. For anyone who is going for sheer number of possible views for a marketing campaign, there is no other service that can come close to touching Google AdWords.

Easy to Manage

In terms of managing a marketing campaign, there is no service easier than Google AdWords. It is possible to create a campaign and promote it with just a few clicks. Of course, the service does provide marketers with the ability to fine-tune just about anything, but ultimately, it does not matter if the marketing is being done by someone brand-new to the world of online marketing or someone who has been doing it for years; catching on to using Google for advertisements is easier than with any other service.

Additional Visibility

Google AdWords is more than just marketing with a name and an Internet link. Google also provides Google Shopping campaigns, where an individual product can be listed on Google, which is great for a company that sells physical items. It also places ads throughout all of the different websites Google owns, including YouTube, Google+, Google Maps and the dozens of other websites Google uses.

Import Product Information

For an established company looking to advertise itself, the company may have hundreds, if not thousands of variations available on its website. For example, if a clothing company sells 100 items, but it has five sizes for each item and also several different colors, a single item might actually have 10 or 20 variables. When entering this information into many online marketing services, it is necessary to type in all of the product details one at a time. This can take forever to do, which is why Google allows the importing of product information through a spreadsheet document. The information can easily be imported into Google AdWords, so instead of taking hours to completely import everything, the user can transfer the material within a matter of minutes.

While each marketing service has its own set of pros, Google AdWords remains one of the very best options out there, which is why small and large businesses alike should look toward AdWords.