Digital Marketing Trends 2020



The digital marketing scope is changing rapidly and by the year 2020, things might look a lot different. Marketing sector has always been changing. Ever since the beginning when marketing went digital, its aspects changed rapidly over the years. Here are some trends that you can look forward to in the year 2020:

  • Growth and dominance of Facebook

With about 1 billion people, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. This feat is remarkable considering the 1.3 billion people from China are blocked from using this site. There have been some lingering doubts about whether Facebook will still be able to maintain this dominance over the next five years, with sites like Tumblr and snapchat growing in popularity. There is no need to worry though because recent statistics show that Facebook won’t be falling any time soon.

  • New Social Media Brands

There have been some brands that have emerged over the years. These brands have been able to challenge most of the big name brands. Snapchat is an example of this emerging social media brand; some people call it “the Facebook of 2014”. A lot more ideas have been aired in recent years and we might see some new brands in the world of social media emerge.

  • Shopping and digital retail will evolve

Shopping has always been dependent on marketing. It tends to attract the users and help them decide on what to buy. E commerce has always been growing as most people would buy anything online from a toothbrush to a mobile phone. The trend of online buying and selling is going to grow a lot more over the years with the numbers showing an increase by the year 2020.

  • Designing will becomes easier

Many graphics companies have had trouble in recent days because of taking photos and graphics from search results which is considered illegal because of copyright laws. These firms end up getting a fine and more expenses on them. As time moves on, it seems that the design tools are getting easier even for the layman to use. Firms still need a graphics person but may not have the budget for it. With the recent trend by 2020, designers might not be needed at all as the design tools seem to get easier.

  • Increase in mobile use

Google has recently implemented an algorithm that has made it easier for developers to optimize their websites for mobile use. Statistics have shown that mobile users around the world have increased because of the availability of cheap phones in the market. Apart from that mobile browsing has also passed desktop browsing in recent times. It’s safe to say that this will be on the rise as we approach 2020.


Digital Marketing is important for any business to grow. In recent times this form of marketing has evolved and it still keeps evolving. By 2020, digital marketing will be an important part for businesses with social media platforms like Facebook and snapchat playing a big part in this growth.



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Finding Great Content


There are a lot of sources online that are offered as ways toward generating and accessing content for marketing or blogging use. This access can be through individual writers who are providing their skills or from larger organizations who offer a variety of scribes that can meet the expectations of a writing project. The end result will be the same and that is the design and creation of Digital content for all platforms. Everyday, a new package or content format is being offered for companies to use as SEO friendly content that will meet business demands online.

This stream of information and demand shows no signs of slowing anytime soon either. This makes content a relatively huge industry that consists of writing, visuals and audio displays. Each adds to the production of content that is designed to meet a business expectation.

Today, content garners high focus because of its versatility with engaging readers and its ability to be presented through means that users are most active with using right now. These are computers, tablets, laptops and cellphones. It is through the reader that content becomes a primary source of income and a way of consumer participation for companies and their profiting interests. The flexibility of content can now be accessed through a gamut of devices and locations, and this allows users to obtain it when, where and how ever they see fit. Content that is as accommodating to a demographic it services will also be relied on as heavily—throughout the days, weeks and nights.

But the easy access of content today does not negate the need for quality in the literary print that is created. Though content itself holds such a substantial role as a mediator between consumers and businesses, the details of the content in questions are still aspects that need professionalism and quality. Neither can be overlooked in this demanding environment. This means that great content is desirable, effective and competitively superior to other uploads being made to the Internet.

Finding quality content is about understanding the dynamics with Web users and what experience they are hoping to have be it research or entertainment. Since the modern world has such a high demand for well devised content, it’s worth considering the best writers for creating the great content you seek as well. But first, let’s understand what great content is so that it can be better recognized when it is available to you.

When considering the online interface in relationship to commerce, great content should have a number of qualities to help it gain respect and sound conversion ratios that show how well consumers have taken action in response to reading it. The simplest division content in these areas can have is that between sales print and literature which seeks to inform readers only.

Both have respectable place among the collection of great content in the world, but each also has it’s own role to play. When simply informing readers, that bit of content in question is servicing the reader in a manner which requires little more from the reader than to simply read.

This type of content is commonly found with news, and it can also be used in very specific product descriptions that do not invite the reader to take an action. Since most blogs are made to help people in a particular manner, this type of content can also be made to simply inform an audience without requesting them to purchase something or else take an action.

Additionally, when content does require readers to partake in some form of action, that is to be known as sales content. So in order to devise the best content for your project objective, it helps to use the two dynamics mentioned above for narrowing down the best options for content development.

Reasons for a Writer


There is a competitive world out there. Not even the SEO geeks can over-ride the minds of people and make them accept poorly made content. The planet is simply not made nor designed that way. The best strategies for optimization don’t cut it when compared to the demands and value of solid content that people can actually read and find useful. You can also bet that someone out there is making quite a bit of content that is concise, valuable and beating out the competition in an economy so heavily moved by communications.

This means that you can benefit from proper communications too when understanding the importance of having a writer on your team. Those penmen will help you research, phrase and format documents so that they are better applied for Internet use and reader comprehension.

A well trained scribe will also know the best ways to market email campaigns or social media presences across all platforms that are accessible. This environment requires a combination of forces utilized by someone with experience in content creation, and this is knowledge that cannot be underestimated in an atmosphere primarily focused on technology. Technology moves fast and requires those who have deep knowledge of it to know where it has moved to and where it is directed to regarding future use. Updated writers who work in today’s media understand these intricacies on a daily basis as they should. Those are the writers you want to hire and help you execute content marketing strategies.

These are all reasons to find the right person for a job. With the right credentials, the skills of a scribe will allow them to take command of the English language and to condense the expectations of their clients so that readers understand large concepts in very few words.

Having what is roughly a perfect presentation of syntax, grammar and punctuation is only a by product of hiring a professional writer. The vast collection of today’s media outlets are used by an array of competing businesses, and the little details of each content’s source will make or break a message being made to readers. So a question to always ask when deciding on hiring a scribe is: “Can I afford to not hire this writer”?

The relationship between a business and its consumer is not rocket science. It is done through a formal process of communications that begins when a company or its product becomes branded in the public’s eye. At that point, it is implied that people are aware and know of the brand at hand. Branding then and any further advertisement or call to actions made afterward can all be done with the help of a competent writer.

Since modern business markets are so heavily driven by communications, nothing quite out does the method of communications that is routinely found in writing. Words do not always require fancy graphics, extra money being pumped into photo shoots or big name endorsements on a product design. With a wordsmith on board, a company can express to readers all they need regarding a product or how that product can be helpful to their lives.

It will take creativity and always does, but that only shows the importance of hiring a professional to do the job. Text as a medium of advertisement alone can be inexpensive compared to other campaigns. It can even be tracked in quick regard to the monitoring of results for certain displays and word usages. A professional writer will know these—all the more reason to hire one for your staff or project.

What is the difference between Traditional Vertical Management and Contemporary Horizontal Management Strategies?


When start-ups and new businesses begin their organizational charts, they have options. Traditional charts that start from the top down are giving way to new management ideas born in IT company development with unified staff that rotate management responsibilities and perform their specializations with the clients’ ever changing needs as a critical task management focus. Contemporary managers are studying the benefits of a flat organizational structure as opposed to the typical American business pyramid-shaped organizational charts.

Explain the Difference?

Factors that can impact a business of any size, such as new technologies, customer needs, or company growth illustrate the need for a dynamic organizational structure. The effectiveness of your organizational model is never more evident than whe these factors begin to impact the goals you have in place. Effectively adapting to internal and external changes, re-organizing communications, and distribution of responsibilities pro-actively are the best survival skills and stabilizers for your company structure.

The Traditional Pyramid Model

Larger corporations function well using a top-down hierarchy of various level managers, with each employee answering to a person on the next level up. This chain of command often satisfies the need for accountability, a division of labor, and compartmentalization communications. There can be a centralized core structure from top office down, some departments sharing equal authority which creates the widening effect toward the bottom. A variation of this model is a wider horizontal level with several smaller pyramids that represent different departments or logistical regions. One model that illustrates this example is a department store where the vertical structure is repeated for each functional area, headed up by a vice-president of sporting equipment, a vice-president of fashion, and a vice president of electronics, and so on. The staff would be specialized in duties and expertise according to their departments.

In this type of structure, instead of having a centrally structured Human Resources department, for example, each V.P. would have their own H-R specialists trained to hire specific talent that would enhance their specialized department. The significance would be H-R specialists would hire the automotive repair crews while and H-R staff recruiter in the fragrance and fashion department would be interviewing for those specialized skill sets.

The Horizontal Model

The chain of command is essentially a shared responsibility intent more on the productivity of actual tasks at hand. An example of work flow benefits of horizontal structuring would be most IT software development firms. The entire team on a project needs to know hour by hour what directional changes occur as a natural part of software design and code creation. It is common for IT employees to speak directly with decision makers of client companies directly on a daily basis or even more often as they are designing specific functions of a custom software platform. Waiting for the consensus of a CEO or Vice President discussing details with the client means constant downtime, bottlenecking of productivity and less efficient project management. The work flow is more continuous and predictible, direct communications are more accurate and efficiency means lower costs, because technicians and engineers are maintaining a two-way a flow of direct information sharing

A well-chosen, multi-talented team of IT professionals work more effectively with a horizontal organizational structure and they tend to develop a strong sense of corporate identity and company loyalty.

It is fair to say that both management strategies have benefits and practical aspects, in either instance, using the opposite structure would be less cost effective and could result in wasted employee time.

Suggestive Business Intelligence and Its Benefits


All businesses strive for success which can be attained through growth. In order to spur business growth, gaining new customers and earning their loyalty is essential. With Business intelligence (BI), you can identify new opportunities that will allow you to gain a competitive market advantage and allow you to attract new customers while keeping the old ones.

Simply put, BI is the capacity to transform meaningful business data into useful information that can take your company to the top. Regardless of what industry you are in, there should be a conversion of information into knowledge. This knowledge can be optimized to benefit the decision-making process of the business. The analysis of the business using existing data calls for the use of a set of tools and strategies. With a focus on management and knowledge creation, these strategies and tools will allow you to make big, positive changes to the condition of your business.

You can describe the knowledge gained from BI as the mixture of values, experience, and the simple know-how to operate your business successfully. Knowledge is also the framework that incorporates new experiences in the business world. You can gain knowledge from the information learned from BI and benefit from the new information received from new data. This new information will turn into increased knowledge to perform necessary actions such as:

  • The prediction of a consequence

  • Seeking for connections

  • Making a comparison with other features

  • Communicating with other information carriers

You can gain knowledge from your business which includes all areas once you have all the needed information. It is a good idea to create useful strategies that will allow you to be able to look for strengths and weaknesses. In the world of business, careful and thorough analysis is one of the most important aspects that must be considered in your pursuit towards success.

The use of BI has emerged from various contributions of different areas of information. These areas include business, marketing, and competitive intelligence. It also refers to a set of tools that are used to extract the ultimate business experience. Information these tools reveal important aspects of your business to include sales trends, customer churn, profitability segment, and the niche value.

Undoubtedly, BI is a very important aspect that leads towards the success of every business. The following are some of the multiple benefits a business can gain with BI:

  • Businesses can have easy access to any type of data that is pertinent to making crucial decisions. This information also gives decision makers the ability to read data in the most comprehensible manner possible.

  • With BI, you can triumph over your business rivals. The reason behind this is that you can easily make your customers more satisfied with the goods or service you are offering them with the data that is provided using BI.

  • Expect  that your business will run as a smooth-sailing operation. Using data from BI, you can direct your staff to make the most effective decisions for your business. They will also be able to take the outcome of your data analysis into consideration.

  • Since businesses are designed to make profits, the assurance that your business can last a long time is guaranteed when you use BI. Suggestive BI helps your business gain more revenue from other sources. In the long term, the rate of sales for your business will improve. It will also help your business earn more profits and sustain a foothold in your particular market.

  • Businesses can respond quickly when altering the most effective company conditions.

  • BI helps to establish a particular piece of information do that it can be determined as the business’ main asset.

In this fast-paced digital age, BI has also moved on. Gone are the days when big companies used BI for data processing. BI software is now used by all kinds of businesses to get more statistics and perceptions in regards to their operating procedures, revenues, and customers.

Dashboards and charts represent your business data. Designing goals will also help you if you want to create the best corporate dashboard for your BI technology. The function and appearance of your dashboard will also have a great impact on your business. It should relate to the kind of the BI that you are focusing on to achieve your overall goals. It is important to implement an efficient design that will fit your BI role.

BI tools are very important for monitoring the condition of your business. In order to be successful in the business world, you should know the secrets to survive in a competitive marketplace by staying ahead of your competitors. The latest and most accurate information will help you make excellent business decisions. Remember, it takes more than intuition to make a successful business. By doing a little research, you will find that there are many BI tools available on the market nowadays. However, there are reliable Bi services and you can find them by taking the time to do a little research. To understand how BI can help your business, it may be a good idea to try free BI tools before investing in a service.

What Is PPC?


PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It’s an advertising method used online to draw more traffic to a certain website without paying for general advertising space. When PPC is used, the company placing the advert only has to pay when their ad is clicked.


Usually PPC ads are associated with search engines, although not exclusively as they can be placed anywhere a normal online ad is placed. Search engines offer the best platform for PPC because the company placing the ad can have their ad displayed when a certain keyword is searched instead of placing it randomly around the web.

Some advertising networks offer PPC ad space on high traffic websites as well. While this is not as targeted as search engine advertisement, it can end up generating a lot of clicks to the company’s website anyway.


Many companies looking for advertising opportunities like the PPC model because they are paying for visits to their website, rather than just exposure. It’s a better deal financially for the advertising company, leading to a large amount of demand for this sort of ad space.

To cover the demand, many independent sites such as private blogs and search engines have taken up working with advertising companies to provide space for ads in exchange for some monetary payment. Both sides gain from the deal as the advertising company gets effective marketing for their money, the website showing the adverts receives compensation for their space, and the advertising companies earn their bit for programming and displaying the ads.

Another way that PPC advertising is useful to the company paying for the ads is that they can more easily record the effects of a marketing campaign. Because each click represents one visitor to their website, the company can then record sales based on visitors and find out how effective their landing page and advertisements are at transforming visitors into customers.


One very common method of using PPC advertising is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you offer independent parties an incentive for bringing traffic to your website with the intention to buy.

With the rise of ad-blocking software online, affiliates can make sure that people are still seeing your ads and that your message is still getting through to the market. An example of how an affiliate might work is when a private blog writer posts an article that features a unique link to a company’s website. When this link is clicked, the blog owner will earn some sort of reward. Other times the affiliates are given a unique redemption code that customers must fill in when they are making a purchase in order for the affiliate to get credited for their work.


In general there are two ways that the price for each click on a pay per click ad is established. These are flat rates and bid rates.

Flat rate

In this case, the rate per click is settled between the company purchasing the ads and the one selling the ads. Negotiation can take place to establish the price or if the advertisement company has a set rate already that will be the final price. Flat rate prices offer a good opportunity to smaller companies looking for advertising, as they are generally not expensive and are easy to find.

Bid rate

If a flat price is not established for a particular PPC ad space, the host company holds an auction between all interested parties. The winner of the auction is not necessarily the one who puts forth the most money for the ad, although this is a determining factor. Many of these auctioned ad spaces are on search engine results pages, so the winning bid must be relevant to the keyword search as well as having a high price. If there are multiple ad spaces, the winning bidders will be placed in order with the first place getting priority ad space and the lowest ranked winner getting less desired ad space. Winners will only be required to pay if their ads are clicked.